Fruits Go Racing


“Fruits Go Racing” is a game designed by Daniele P. Correale
and illustrated by Alongkorn Sanguansook.

AGE: 6+; PLAYERS: 2 to 6; TIME: 10-30 minutes.


Fruit Go Racing is a racing game where players drive special fruit-shaped cars. During the game the players will have to optimize the drawing and the use of the cards (the fuel of the cars) paying attention to the position on the race track and try to upgrade their “Fruitcar”, collecting the gems released by the other cars!


6 Racing Boards (double sided)
66 Fruit Cards (11×6 kinds)
6 Car Boards
6 Fruitcars Pawn (1 per kind)
15 Karkausen’s Gem
12 Equipment Tokens

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