Mood X

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Mood X is a game designed by Martino Chiacchiera and Benedetto Degli Innocenti,

and illustrated by Xīn Mào.


AGE: 8+; PLAYERS: 4-8; TIME: 15-30 minutes.



Once upon a time, there was a boy named Leon who lived on a small planet, where the moon was as bright as the sun, and his only friends were ash-colored stones. Leon loved to spend his days in the only forest on the planet. The trees whispered to him of other worlds and of young people just like him. After growing up, he decided to visit all the places and people he had heard about. Taking his magic top hat, he walked through the gate that would lead him to a world full of unexpected adventures.



The game is divided into turns, and on each turn a different player acts as the protagonist of a short story. A clever mechanism helps the other players to generate a range of stories in little time. When the story is over, each player attempts to deduce and guess the mood of the protagonist player: Secretly, players choose a specific mood on their mood wheels, then everybody reveals their choice. Points are scored depending on how close your choice is to the protagonist’s chosen mood. The protagonist-player scores victory points depending on how close the other players get to his chosen mood.



7 Reader Dials – 1 Protagonist Dial – 64 Situation Cards – 16 Top Hats – 1 Scoring Track – A Rulebook (English)