Peter and the Grown Ups

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“Peter and the Grown Ups” is a game designed by Dario Massa
and illustrated by Gio Pinna and Katya Grineva.

AGE: 10+; PLAYERS: 3 to 5; TIME: 20 minutes.

“Peter and the Grown-Ups” is a game of Strategy and Bluffing where you play a group of adults who have mysteriously been spirited to Peter’s island. To blend in with the locals, you will have to earn their trust.


Explore the island by drawing a location tile and performing the action you find on it. Or, if you prefer, you can bluff and state you have found another tile and perform a different action… But you’ll have to be convincing! If an opponent calls on your bluff, you will lose trust points and you won’t be able to perform any action.


24 Location tiles; 18 character cards, 6 Lost Grown-up boards, 5 Trust tokens, 5 Courage tokens, 5 Exploration tokens , the Rulebook.




“Colorful, very attractive theme, really well done… The whole thing is a very solid package if you enjoy bluffing games.” Zee Garcia, The Dice Tower

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