Photofinish: The Final Rush

“Photofinish: The Final Rush” is a game designed by Walter Nuccio 
and illustrated by Gio Pinna and Mateusz Mizak.

AGE: 10+; PLAYERS: 2 to 6; TIME: 20 minutes.

“Photofinish” is an eye-catching and speed reasoning game in which players will play the role of judges in a kart race.



Many dream of becoming a Flawless Judge, but few can gain such a prestigious title: Only granted to those who demonstrate unparalleled skill in predicting the finishing order of racing karts. When a new round begins, the track and kart’s speed are revealed: You will have to carefully observe the obstacles along the path and determine the correct finishing order. Each kart in the correct position will award you a medal. The quickest judge will gain a prestigious trophy instead. But you’ll have to be careful! If you make a mistake you’ll receive a penalty!



28 Stage cards; 28 Kart pawns, 33 Medal tokens, 6 Penalty tokens, 6 Photofinish boards, 3 Rulebooks (English, Simplified and Traditional Chinese).